Vegan Cakes & Treats! Located in St. Albert, Alberta with delivery options to Edmonton and surrounding areas.

About Us

Thank you for visiting! I’m Amanda, the face behind A Few Cakes! I have been baking cakes and treats since 2009 for family and friends. The name “A Few” comes from my maiden name “Amanda Few”. I always said when I was younger that if I ever started my own business, it would be “A Few______” and fill in the blanks with whatever my business was!

I went vegan over a year ago and thought it only made sense to transition the business as well. I am not only vegan for my health but most importantly for the animals! When I started creating my vegan recipes, I began to realize that I enjoyed the vegan versions much better! Not only did they make me feel better but they also tasted better! And another perk is being able to eat the cake straight out of the fridge, rather than waiting an hour for the buttercream to reach room temperature (although I still recommend letting the cake sit out of the fridge for at least 20 minutes for the most enjoyable cake experience!)

This is my dream job and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Creative freedom is where I do my best work and just let the ideas flow naturally.

I look forward to making your special occasion (or no occasion!) cakes and treats!